Pest Control Services Offered

  • Rodent Control; Rats and Mice
  • General Insect Control; Cockroaches, Beetles, Ants
  • Specialist Insect Control, Bedbugs, Fleas, Ticks
  • Termite Control; Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Applications on Construction Projects with Guarantee
  • Fumigation of Warehouses, Ship, Silos, Containers and Stored Grain
  • Insecticidal Fogging of Closed and Open Areas
  • Spraying of Refuse Tips for the Control of Insects and Mal-Odours
  • Supply, Maintenance and Application of Flying Insect Control Systems
  • Mal-Odour Control

Locations Which Can Be Treated

  • Airports, Sea Ports and Dock Installations
  • Remote Areas and Offshore Locations such as Oilrigs, Platforms, Camp-Sites or Islands
  • Ships and other Vessels
  • Industrial Premises including Canteens
  • Food Storage or Processing Warehouses and Plants
  • Supermarkets, Shops and Fruit and Vegetable Markets
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Office and Apartment Blocks, Individual Flats and Villas
  • Public and Municipal Buildings and Offices
  • Underground Service Ducts, Tunnels and Sewers
Pest Control


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